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HappiCup Yellow (Size Min)

  • Happi’s yellow menstrual cup, Size Min
  • Length: 47 mm.
  • Length including stem: 62 mm.
  • Rim diameter: 40 mm.
  • Capacity: 17 ml.
  • Good for: ladies who are under 30 years old, have low cervix (less than 3 knuckles high), or for light-regular flow days

About HappiCup's Product

  • Made of premium grade silicone, commonly used for medical purposes
  • Reusable product. Last up to 5 years (depends on aftercare)
  • Comfortable, no leakage, can be worn up to 12 hours
  • Worriless about odors from dampness or blood
  • Be able to do whatever you want - swim or sleep 

How to use

  1. Disinfect your menstrual cup by boiling it on the first day of having a period, wait until it is cooled, then wash your hands before use
  2. Fold your menstrual cup and insert it into your vagina. Let it spring open, then proceed to check if the rim is tightly sealed to your vaginal wall
  3. A menstrual cup can last up to 12 hours. If you think your flow is heavy, you can empty it during the day
  4. When you wish to remove your menstrual cup, feel its stem with your hand, then squeeze the side of the cup gently before pulling the base out 
  5. Clean the cup with Happi’s soap before re-inserting it. If you no longer have to use the cup, then clean and hang dry on the cone that comes with it. Once it is dried, store it in the cone for next use


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